If you're looking to hire a blogger taking out an advertisment on the ProBlogger Job boards is one of the best options available to you.

Here's why:

Have Your Ad Seen by Many Thousands of Blog Job Hunters

1000+ Bloggers Seeking Work
The ProBlogger Job boards have over 1000 bloggers subscribed to its RSS feed. these bloggers are actively seeking work as bloggers and are notified via RSS instantly when your advertisement is placed.

42,000+ Twitter Followers
Each job advertisement is fed into the ProBlogger Twitter feed which is subscribed to by over 42,000 subscribers (this number is increasingly rapidly). Recent evidence suggests that Twitter followers are forwarding these 'Tweets' onto their own networks of followers, making the ads viral.

100,000+ ProBlogger Readers
The 5 most Recent Jobs are shown on the front page of ProBlogger.net. This page is viewed hundreds of thousands of times each month.

Resyndication on Other Sites
Numerous other job sites are syndicating our jobs into their own systems. We've never asked them to do this but don't mind it as it spreads the word of each job advertised into new networks. Judging the amount of traffic that these sites send back to the job boards we estimate that jobs are being seen by many thousands of other job hunters.

Value for Money

Advertisements on the ProBlogger Job Boards are just $50 for a 30 day advertisement. We find that 30 days is generally more than enough exposure to find the right applicant for your job. In fact many advertisers close their ads down within days of placing the ads as they fill their jobs so quickly

How does this job board price compare to others?

    * Pro Blogger: $50 for 30 days
    * 37signals Job Board: $300 for 30 days.
    * CrunchBoard.com: $200 for 30 days.
    * Monster.com: $395 for 60 days
    * Career Builder: $385 for 60 days

The feedback that we get is that our ads generate a lot of positive job applications from a very high quality array of bloggers. 
Here's just one of the many positive pieces of feedback we've had from Michael Gray:

The job applications I got from ProBlogger were consistently higher quality than the ones from Craigslist. The applicants had more experience and were better qualified. At the end of the process, 6 of the 7 bloggers I hired came from the Problogger Job Board.

Read what other ProBlogger Job Board advertisers have to say about our service at http://www.problogger.net/job-board-testimonials/

If you get too many applications and fill your job you're welcome to email us to have your job marked as 'filled' at any point during the 30 days.

What Can You Advertise for?

The most obvious use for our job boards is to look for bloggers to blog on your blog on an ongoing basis - however advertisers have also used it to great effect in other ways including:

to find blog designers
to find blog consultants
to find other web professionals
to find people to set up blogs for them

There's a lot of scope here - really any blog related job that you want to fill is worth taking out an advertisement for on our job boards.
Note: we do NOT allow affiliate programs to be advertised on our job boards. The basic requirement is that the ad needs to be for an actual job that you or your company is hiring for.

Place Your Ad Today

If you're looking for a blogger to help you in any way place your ad for just $50 by signing up here (http://jobs.problogger.net/jobs/create) .