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About Us...

MacApper is a well established and respected Mac blog. Opened in February 2007 the blog already sees visitors in excess of 250,000/month and has a strong, loyal, and vocal following. The daily lineup focuses on Mac applications, interviews with OS X developers, Mac related tutorials, Application news/updates, opinion editorials, and software giveaways.

As a writer at MacApper you can expect a professional publishing process, access to industry mavons/developers, and a fair and regular payment cycle. We pay out on a bi-monthly payment period and offer bonuses and incentives to competent writers. Payments are $5 - $10 per article with substantial bonuses (cash, software, etc) awarded every pay period to the top contributors. We also pay premiums for specialty content (rich media, detailed articles, lists, contests etc) whenever we receive it.

How to apply

You must meet the following requirements...

- Knowledge of the Mac, OS X operating system and 3rd party Mac applications is a requirement.
- You must speak perfect conversational English and provide some samples of your writing, offline or online.
- Dedication.
- Please tell us why you would be a good fit at MacApper, or what you would hope to accomplish here.
- Knowledge of XHTML/CSS/Wordpress/Photoshop/PHP or other web disciplines would be advantageous and provide wider earning possibilities.
- Knowledge of Cocoa, XCode and OS X software development would be a real bonus.
- a genuine interest in Apple/Mac based products and applications.

To learn more and contact us please visit:

Or email directly: macapper [at]

Posted on: 01/18