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is looking for a

Blogger/Writer in Stock Photo/Media Niche - Full or Half Time

Category: Corporate/Business


ABOUT US: is a popular stock photo industry blog with news, reviews and comparisons of stock agencies and stock photo offers. The goal of the website is to provide a guide for customers to find the right stock agency for their needs.

You should be...
... able to write reviews, comparison articles, FAQ articles and analytical articles about different stock photo agencies and offers.
... using stock photos if possible for your own work or blog
... working full- or half time for us or on a fixed amount of time per month
... able to churn out some good valuable SEO content if needed
... come up with own ideas and topics and develop a content strategy for several blogs
... native english speaker (not like me)
... willing to learn, because I will train you and we will work for a long time together (as long as you like ;-))

I'm looking to get a full- or halftime writer or for a fix amount of hours. I'm looking to produce 50+ articles per month (different lengths). All about the same topics (roughly stock photos and stock photo agencies).

We are talking $15-40 per post but payment will be more of a flat fee not per post.

We are looking for someone to join our team for long.

Working with a fun team for a longer time and get paid every month without looking for other jobs. Learning a lot about online-marketing, SEO and how to convert visitors. Flexible schedule and creating your own topics / headlines.

How to apply

1.) Check out my website and come up with a new topic/title you would like to write about.
2.) Send this title with a short description via email to with [Blogger Application] in the subject of the email.
3.) Finally do not forget to tell me a little bit about yourself and why I should pick you!
4.) I will get back to you with a paid! test job, if I like your content idea / topic.

Good luck and Im looking forward to welcome you on-board of my team.

Posted on: 02/16