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Opinionated and passionate bloggers wanted for new global education website focussing on sustainability and green issues across all sectors.

Category: Co-blogging

Description is a new website focussing on expanding education for sustainability across Higher Education, Politics, Business, Science, Non-Profit and Lifestyle.

We are looking for bloggers and article writers to create opinionated blog posts, "how-to" style educational articles and in-depth research based pieces.

We are also interested in creating lists and compilations of information related to a given topic or creating interviews for profiles on individuals and organisations.

We can offer candidates shared revenue from advertising on posts and cash bonuses for popular posts. We will also be offering monthly prizes to popular writers.

Other perks such as an email address and a google apps for education account are made available.

For writers who run a business or service related to the topics they write about, we offer a free profile for their organisation on the site and the ability to post further content such as events, campaigns and courses.

How to apply

Please contact with a brief description of yourself, your skills and your field of interests.

If you can include URLs to some articles and examples in your e-mail or some suggestions for topics and articles you’d be glad to explore and write about, even better.

Posted on: 02/15