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Wordpress telco blogger

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I need help to post to my site In particular the daily news postings (not the more indepth analysis posts).

I am looking for someone with knowledge and interest in consumer telecom services and products who also has strong writing skills.

Each day I will send you 1-2 links to news that I need to be reported on and given an original perspective. The original perspective should be a simple sentence putting the news into context with competitors, similar announcements, industry trends. Anything that ads value to the news.

Example posts of the type of think I am looking for are at the following links:

All output is required to be created in Wordpress (I will give you non publish access).

Output must include a relevant image (sourced via google search or direct from company of interests website) and must have relevant hyperlinks added to reference sources and cross referenced content (this is all done via Wordpress).

How to apply

To apply please email

Please provide;
1 - example of a blog you already run
2 - if you do not already operate a blog then I will only consider applications if you provide an example (in a word document) of a blog post for the following WiFi press release;

Please base responses on a guaranteed 2 articles per day, 5 days a week. 10 articles a week.

Please note I am not looking for the cheapest response. Quality of content, and obvious knowledge in the area of telecoms is the key to applying.

thank for taking the time to read this far!


Posted on: 04/30