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Personal Finance Staff Writer

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Girls Just Wanna Have Funds is an established personal finance blog covering personal finance topics mostly from a woman's perspective. The topics include career, saving/making money, debt reduction and budgeting.

I am looking for someone to write 2-4 articles per week on specific topics. The articles must be high quality and have a unique voice that engages and challenges readers.

Articles need to be at least 500 words and cover each assigned topic succinctly without being scant or wordy in the delivery.


Applicants should have strong communication skills (strong command of English language) and a working knowledge of personal finance topics such as money saving tips, debt reduction strategies, current financial issues and other hot finance topics: extreme couponing, 401ks vs IRA contributions, credit/debt issues etc.


Please send along your rate on a per article basis in your application

How to apply

To apply, please submit a 500 word writing sample on a financial topic or provide a few links to samples of your writing on something finance related.

In addition, please provide a brief background on yourself or provide a resume if you have one.

You should send applications directly to:

Please use BLOGGER JOB in the subject of the email.

Posted on: 12/22