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I am the Content Manager and Editor for Digital Brand Marketing Education. At DBMEi, we read, write, and share information on Digital Brand Marketing with a distinct focus in Social Media. I am looking for guest bloggers who are also looking to be a part of an incredible team blog nominated for the Top Social Media Blog in 2012.

Joining DMBEi as a guest blogger or a long term contributor/author has a variety of benefits.

Please watch this very short video that describes exactly what DBMEi is all about.

Topics/Niches for posting on DBMEi are those related in any way to internet and social media marketing. Some ideas include:

•Branding & Marketing
•Business Networking
•Content Marketing
•Digital Design
•Mobile Marketing
•Nonprofits & Fundraising
•PR & Writing
•Sales & eCommerce
•SEO Search Engine Optimization
•Social Brand Visibility
•Social Media
•Traditional Marketing

If you are interested in blog posting, please check out the format our blog posters publications take.

We require you cite 3 resources for your work, but also allow you to create a significantly helpful byline with up to 3 direct contact and advertising links to your business.

How to apply

If you are interested in joining us as a guest poster or as a regular contributor in 2012, please email me at joy.lynskey@dbmei and add the subject line as DBMEI- GUEST POSTER. I will send you our guidelines for posting so you can begin!

We are looking for regular posters as well as singular guest posts.

If you have a blog topic in mind please include it in the email! Please share at least one URL for reference to your writing style or a link to your digital profile or resume.

Posted on: 01/14