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Category: Corporate/Business


I am currently filling two different positions:
Position 1: WRITER
$15/article (avg: 450words)

I am currently in need of writers to handle time sensitive articles. Therefor you must be available to turn around at least 5 articles with a 2 day lead time. Anything faster is highly preferred
Also, you must be able to respond to emails daily regarding current projects


Position 2: EDITOR
$2.5/article (a good editor can do 6/hr as they are normally fair quality before editing)-this comes to $15/hr for those wondering.

Able to respond to emails within one day.
English must be your first language or be completely fluent in it as all articles are in english.

How to apply

Email me, Ryan, at

If you are interested in the writing position please apply with the subject as "Writing Application"

For the Editing position please use "Editing Application"

If you are interested in either please use "Will take what I can get"

Posted on: 10/09