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Linen Chest is one of the top home fashion retailers in Canada and will soon be launching a digital lifestyle blog covering all things home related (Decorating, Food, Entertaining, Tech, etc). We're on the lookout for creative and talented writers who'd like to contribute and be apart of our BLOG TEAM!

You must be passionate about the following:

-Social media (If you don't have facebook, twitter or pinterest, you can stop reading)
-Writing (a must!)
-All things HOME related, ie: decorating, organizing, entertaining, cooking, shopping, tech & gadgets etc (this is what you'll be writing about!)
-Scouring the web (whether it's websites, blogs, pinterest etc, you'll be browsing A LOT for your inspiration!)

About the job:

Being a contributing writer will enable you to work from wherever and set your own hours. Our articles will consist of: How to's, Cool products, Top 10's, Ideas, and whatever else your creative minds think of… as long as it's HOME related. The blog posts should be written in a casual yet professional manner (blog style). You're writing should have a friendly voice that entices the audience to want to read your articles. We're ALL about pictures. Every blog post must consist of great photos that are relevant to your writing. (You can use any photo as long as you source it) Posts will be anywhere from 100-350 words with pictures throughout.

Still here? Are you getting excited? This job could be for YOU!

How to apply


Send your basic information and why you'd be an awesome blog contributor. Please include any relevant links to your Social Media profiles (personal blog, twitter etc). Remember, we're more interested in finding a creative and exciting individual than reading a long resume of past experience.

We'd like to see your writing style as well. Please write a blog post that would fit under one of the following categories:

Home Décor, Organizing (at Home), Entertaining (at Home), Food, Shopping (for the Home), Gadgets & Tech (for the Home) or any other home related category. (remember to include photos)
Oh and brownie points if you incorporate Linen Chest products.

Feel free to write more than 1 blog post using different styles of writing.

Got Questions? No problem! Shoot us an email & we'll get back to you.

Posted on: 10/17