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is looking for a

Design Blogger

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http://weeklydesigngrind.com is a newly built design blog with the hopes of providing useful tutorials, tips and other related subjects connected to design.

We are looking for somebody with the mindset of working 'with' this blog, not working 'for' this blog.

The benefits of posting on our blog is that we can help direct traffic towards your portfolio, so that hopefully you’ll be able to get some enquires from potential clients. Each post you write will have a short bio, a photo of you and a link to your portfolio and your twitter.

If you visit our blog, you'll be able to see the effort put into it as well as the quality of the blog. It is for this reason that we are looking for someone who knows what they are writing about and who will be able to provide quality posts.

You can write about the following topics:

-Graphic design, web design, photography and illustration

-Industry knowledge

-Dealing with clients

-Tutorials, e.g. How to create packaging on illustrator and InDesign, how to create a logo on Illustrator, how to retouch a photo on Photoshop and etc.

•Anything else that you think will be an interesting topic for this blog

How to apply

To apply please submit the following to http://weeklydesigngrind.com/contact

•Your name

•A link to your portfolio

•A link to a post in the past that you may have done (not necessary)

•Some post titles/ topics that you can cover

•At least one sample of writing in this field so that we can get a feel for your writing style

Please submit this before November 30th.

This is a paid position. You will be paid depending on your experience and the quality of your post.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you’ll be part of growing this blog.

Posted on: 10/18