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We are looking to provide content for our website which doesn't currently provide much engagement. We will move to have multiple daily posts, however, whilst we prepare our site we would like to build up a bit of history and depth so we are looking for around 10 posts a month in total for now. This is to be spread across different writers and we'd rather have one or two posts from you in a topic you really understand. Once up and running in earnest, we'd expect up your posts to increase.

The posts must be unique, sourced yourself, knowledgeable, informative and technical posts must be checked for accuracy. Each post must have at least one picture (royalty free, promotional image or otherwise commercially allowed) and be around 500 words. You may provide links out where required (Sources/Hat Tips must be given). You can choose any subject you like within the topics we've provided.

Follow Up:
After each post is live, you will be expected to engage with readers (via facebook comments) as and when required as long as you continue to be contracted to us.

The posts will be copyright ourselves but your bio will be placed alongside and you can link back to your website, twitter etc (subject to later site changes). Any links to affiliate sites, advertising etc will be to our benefit.

Writing Style:
Your own writing style is important, we don't want clones. Clearly this is adaptable; technical posts will most likely be a little dry, Robot posts will probably be more lighthearted. We don't mind controversy, just not for the sake of it. We reserve the right to ask for changes as required. You must have excellent english skills, a reliable internet connection, be over 16 and have a paypal account. Ideally you will be based in UK/Europe (our timezone). Finally, if you want to write a technical post, you must know your stuff.

Base Payment:
We will pay £15 per post via paypal at the end of each month for any accepted posts.

Bonus Payment:
Posts that receive more than 10 quality links to either our site or your post within one month will receive £10 bonus. Rules: You will be responsible for checking this and showing us the relevant links. A quality link is a natural link, e.g. in a discussion on a blog, from a blog or a tech/news related website. We will not include obviously planted or faked links "check out this site .... ".

Windows Server
Home Entertainment
Portable Audio
Social Media
Digital Rights
Software Applications
Retro Computing - Taken

News & Events
New Releases/Updates
Guides / Step By Steps
Tips & Tricks

How to apply

How To Apply
Please send an email to paul at with the subject "Blog Application". Please ensure you include the following:

Full Name
Where you live
Which topic you would like to write for (or topics - we'd prefer you to be a specialist in a particular area). Please include a reason why you should do this, e.g. for a Windows Server topic you may have 10 years experience in sysadmin etc etc.
How many posts? (Will you commit to 1, 2, 5 etc?).
Prior experience (including at least 2 published and verifiable posts elsewhere).

Top Tip: We will wait until we the job is closed and then pick a selection of bloggers. Ideally, we'd like to have more writers producing less work so please don't just ask for all 10 posts in a random selection of topics. We'd prefer 1 or 2 posts a month in 1 or 2 topics that you really know about.

Good Luck!

Posted on: 11/06