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Travel Blogger

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We're looking for a world class writer on the topic of traveiling/camping/trailer/RV tips. In short, we want to have a blog that covers tips for people that like to go trailer/rv camping. Possible topics might include top destinations, what to bring on your trips, secrets of the trade, and more!

Writing should be broken into subheaders and bullets with relevant pictures. Looking for at least 1,000+ words per post. Please also include 2-3 RELEVANT examples. Really looking for people that have done this before.

Please also tell me why you think keyword research is important and what your process is for keyword research is. Bullet point format is fine.

Finally, please write 'i love camping' to show that you read the whole ad through.

How to apply

Please e-mail me at with samples and why you think you're the best fit for the job. Thanks!

Posted on: 11/19