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Passionate TV or Video Game Blogger Wanted

Category: Blog Networks


First things first, our going rate is competitive:
$5 - 250 words or more
$7 - 450 words or more
$10 - 600 words or more
$12 - 900 words or more
$15 - 1200 words or more

Our site targets several demographics and niches, and if you are passionate about one or more of the following subjects, we will like you even more:
- Film
- TV
- Video Games
- Music
- Web Design/Web Development/Game Development
- Tech/Gadgets
- Music

Those with the most spirit to write about these topics and report on news items will be higher on the list of potential candidates.

Since our site traffic skews more towards TV and Video Games, we are most inclined to hire a writer interested in these areas. They would report on latest industry news, and also write original content or critical pieces.

We are also heavy on retro or classic TV and video games.

Experience blogging or reporting is desired, but new in the field applicants are welcome too!

Background with Wordpress is a plus and heavily desired.

How to apply

We would prefer 3-5 links to blog posts or writing work that you have done.

On top of that, please send two sample posts that you would write for either a TV niche or Video Game niche.

Posted on: 01/13