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Doctor and Medical Student Spouse Bloggers

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DoctorSpouses is a new site for the spouses and significant others of doctors and medical students. We are seeking spouses or significant others of doctors and medical students who have gone through the experience of medical school and beyond and can blog about many of the topics that come up for spouses. An example of just a few topics include:

Should spouse take step 2 before applying for residency
Handling children with big age differences, jealousy
Renting a house out while moving for residency
Medical Conversation Abbreviations and Meanings
How to handle the emotional stories spouses bring home
How can you stay informed about your husband's career topics
If you have a medical background, should you work with your spouse?
Should the attorney that reviews your contract be in the state of the contract?
Date Nights that get missed..
How does your doctor spouse handle difficult patients?
Low cost or free residency housing
Housing for away rotations
How to help your spouse handle anxiety/depression

We are looking for spouses who can post a minimum of 1 post per week, including sourcing their own images, uploading the post, categorizing and tagging the post. Depending on your experience, per post pay can range from $10-$25 per post. Posts need to be a minimum of 700 words.

How to apply

Please apply by filling out the form at:

or, you can send an email directly to contact at doctorspouses dot com

Thank you.

Posted on: 01/19