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Are you politically incorrect? Come write for us!

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In October 2012 we launched our site Our mission is to cover everything Superbious and simply Super B.S. in politics, life and world in general. We are looking for fresh blood able and interested in writing interesting, politically incorrect, articles on topics of politics, religion, military, and about stuff coming out from TV shows such as The Daily Show, Real Time with Bill Maher and alike. And why not bash Fox news and stupidity all around even a little bit more.

We are accepting submissions from the creative people who are kind of tired of political correctness, are opinionated, have a flair and want to express their (preferably) educated opinion as well as write well-researched stories.

Being incorrect, YOU WON'T GET PAID, but your name (optional), bio (optional) and photo (optional), will go together with all of your articles and maybe at some point (but don't hold your breath) we can throw in some more bells and whistles for you for writing for us, something we (maybe) haven't thought about yet. Well, in addition to doing everything we can to promote your articles with our non-existent resources.

How to apply

Get in touch with us by sending us your (de)motivational email about why you'd like to write for us and please, DO include your first article in the email as well. Just so we could have a look at your writing style, favorite subject matter and make sure you can write at all. If your first article is good, it will be published and we'll be more than happy to have you writing for us.

Important: Please, for god's sake, do not attach or even try to copy&paste your CV into the email. Emails with CVs will be automatically deleted. Why? Well, we wouldn't read them anyway. Also, don't ask if you will get paid - we kind of answered that question already.

The email address to send your stuff is

Posted on: 01/21