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is looking for a

Fitness Blogger

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This is for PASSIONATE people in the fitness industry.

We are looking for a freelance writer to join our team and write informative articles in the area of fitness expertise.

Articles will be in depth articles backed by solid research about things like:

-High Intensity Interval training
-Weight training
-The after burn effect
-Intermitment fasting
-Pre and post workout meals
-Dispelling fitness industry myths.

..just to name a few.

We're looking for someone whose passion for health & fitness comes through in their writing!


A degree or accreditation in fitness or nutrition. Prior experience writing fitness/exercise related content is required.


- 2 blog posts per week (500-600 words each)

- Each post should include one high quality Creative Commons licensed image (such as from Flickr)

-Payment will be $30 per post.

-Payments are made weekly.

How to apply

You will need to submit 2 samples of your writing (or links to your writing) and a brief summary of your qualifications in the fitness industry.

Send information to Mike@maximumafterburn.com

Posted on: 01/26