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Fitness Video Blogger Wanted

Category: Co-blogging


DualFIT.com is looking for an experienced online freelance fitness blogger to produce a series of fitness videos. DualFIT is an established site in the fitness niche, covering topics ranging from health, fat loss and bodybuilding.

The project involves producing a series of fitness exercise videos, focused around a specific type of exercise or body part. The focus of the project is to be discussed and developed together with site content manager. The amount of videos for this project depends on the focus, but should be in the range of 10-12 videos / project.

A degree or accreditation in fitness or nutrition is a bonus. Prior experience writing fitness/exercise related content is recommended.
We're also looking for someone who can network with other fitness bloggers, respond to emails/comments (we'll give you your own @dualfit.com account), is familiar with social media (Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg etc).

Bodybuilding Exercises
Cardio Exercises
Weight Loss Exercises
Yoga Exercises

Passionate about fitness and health
Experienced in bodybuilding or fitness exercises
Knowledge of proper exercise routine
Confident in producing video material

How to apply

To qualify for this project please send links to example videos that you previously produced, along with your CV to jobs@dualfit.com

Posted on: 02/11