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Men's Online Magazine Freelance Writer

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FatalDose is a new online magazine specifically for men. We'll feature amazing content, eye-popping photos, and viral videos related to design, gear, grub, rides, style, travel, and women. Our goal is to eventually become one of the premier destinations for men on the internet. We already have a great brand, a great logo, and a great website. Now we need great writers.

We're looking for writers who aren't just in it for a paycheck. We want writers who take pride in their work. If you wouldn't share the articles on your own social networks, then it probably doesn't belong on our site.

Pay is $5 per 100 words.


- Must be capable of producing content that not only gets read, but also gets shared frequently in social media.

- Must be self-sufficient.

- Must be able to generate intriguing article ideas.

- Must be able to create attention-grabbing titles.

- Must possess excellent English writing skills that include grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, sentence structure and overall style.

- Must be able to format articles so that they are easy to understand, scan and digest.

- Must be able to proofread, fact-check and edit your own work.

How to apply

Send an email to jobs@fataldose.com with your name and location. Include 3 writing samples that show you're capable of writing specifically for FatalDose.

We don't care about your education, your awards, your knowledge of SEO, or any technical writing you've done. If you have samples to show us from related sites that you've worked with in the past, great.

Otherwise you'll need to write 3 new articles before applying for this job.

Posted on: 05/24