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Light Hearted Yoga/Wellbeing Blog Article Writer

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We are looking for a talented, witty, light hearted writer to write multiple articles for our Yoga, Health and Wellbeing blogging platforms.

If you are an above average writer with experience of Yoga, who can rapidly compose short articles, then we would like to hear from you.

The world of Yoga can become a very serious one at times. Most people come to Yoga because of some form of suffering...whether it be body pain, mental unwellness, emotional trauma or spiritual crisis. As such, many articles are appropriately self-help guides with an emphasis on growth, development and acceptance.

It can all get a bit intense sometimes, so we are looking for someone who can make light of the human condition in all it's light and darkness. A sharp observer who can write on the trials and tribulations of a yogic path in a joyfully empathetic, or even cynical comedic fashion.

You're the expert, you have the style, so if you would like to write an initial 15 articles (300-800 words) for us at $10 per article then let us know. For the right candidate this will be an easy, fun and quick job, writing in their preferred style, on a topic they love! There is scope for increased earnings and ongoing assignments if your articles prove popular with our readers.

Please note that paid articles must pass copyscape and should not contain any content considered for the purpose of SEO/sales/marketing/product reviews or be overly personal (this is not your personal blog). Payment will be via paypal payment request.

Please do not apply if you have no experience of Yoga.

How to apply

Applications to:
Email Subject: Problogger

Please provide samples of relevant articles that demonstrate your candid and humorous take on life experiences.

Tell us a little about your background with Yoga and supply samples of any yoga/wellbeing articles you have written (doesn’t have to be humorous for the sample).

Let us know why we should pick you.

Candidates shortlisted from this process will be asked to provide one or two paid test articles before we select our writer
We look forward to hearing from you.

Applications to:
Email Subject: Problogger

Posted on: 02/13