Web Success Agency

is looking for a

Inbound-focused Content Creator

Category: Corporate/Business


We are an inbound marketing agency looking for a content creator to aid in the following areas:

* 1. Regular blogging on our company blogs on the topics of inbound marketing.

* 2. Regular blog post writing for our clients' blogs on various topics.

* 3. Brainstorming, researching and directing evergreen content creation

* 4. Goal-oriented content creation for client websites (goal = sales, etc)

How to apply

1. Compose an email with "Inbound" in the subject line
2. Link to 4 blog posts you've written on Inbound marketing
3. Link to or reference 2-3 goal/sales-oriented content pieces you've created for websites or email campaigns.

Email these to inbound@websuccessagency.com.

Posted on: 05/02