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We're looking to hire bloggers who can quickly cover the news on a daily level for a very conservative and libertarian audience.

-We pick the topics for you
-We write the headlines for you
-We pick the sources you'll link to
-You just have to fill articles with 5-7 paragraphs of original content to explain the news

We pay $15 per article. Articles take our current writers between 30 minutes to an hour to do -- the longer they write, the faster it gets.

After two months, we'll renegotiate the price -- we have paid up to $40 per article, but the quality has to be simply fantastic.

Lots of growth opportunity here -- if you can write a lot of articles quickly, we'll find work for you to do, so this is perfect for dedicated writers.

We have two freelancers write now, and both make comfortable full-time incomes from the work -- but there are strong deadlines.

We'd prefer political writing experience in the past.

How to apply

Email with writing samples. Also write 3 paragraphs explaining why you're a good fit for the job.

Use the phrase "Rand Paul" somewhere in the email or we won't consider the application.

Posted on: 05/04