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Looking for Simply Good Bloggers!

If the thought of a 50% off sale on recycled paper turns you on and you're a great blogger, then this is the gig for you.

Our bloggers must have have a solid grasp of the English language, be able to edit their own work, follow directions, and be consistent in their work. The bloggers must be well versed in their topic and have at least a basic understanding of HTML. You MUST be able to produce a minimum of five publishable post a week, no exception.

What we want
We're looking for blogger who can successfully and consistently blog on the topics of being environmentally friendly on a budget. You must be able to do product reviews, report on recent trends, etc

How to apply

Please send an email to with one sentence, not to exceed 30 words, that describes your favorite food. We're looking for someone who knows how to have fun, be witty, and provide information in as few words as possible.

Posted on: 10/10