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Hello my future collaborator,

Are you a direct mail or internet marketing copywriter with experience selling corporate leadership events or personal development information products?

Yes? Delightful.

I’m the design strategist for Cooper Success Institute. My name is Alex. We’re looking for a copywriter to join the team on an hourly, freelance basis (we’re not interested in royalty-based pricing) to help us build our sales funnel. We need copy for landing pages, email campaigns, and product launch collateral.

How to apply

If you want the job: email me with your name, url, hourly rate, four lists of clients (one list for direct mail work, one for internet marketing, one for corporate leadership, and one for personal development work—“None, yet.” is a fine answer, we don’t expect you to have experience in each arena), and most importantly exactly 104 words selling us on why we should hire you.


Posted on: 06/27