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Freelance Technical Writer Needed (Specifically for a Surrogacy and Egg Donation Client)

Category: Corporate/Business


We are looking for a freelance writer who is well-versed in professional business and scientific writing. Specifically, we are looking for a writer to create onsite copy and blog posts for a surrogacy and egg donation company that provides full-service administration and guidance of surrogacy and egg donation processes, including locating surrogate and/or egg donor candidates, referring client (intended parent) to all the professionals needed to complete the process, and financial management.

As a writer for our client(s), you must be able to take assigned topics, perform research, and write comprehensive and educational batches of content. The ideal candidate will be able to write in a voice that is easy to read and understand, and provides useful and pertinent information about the client and their services. Additionally, we are looking for a writer who meets deadlines and follows instructions. No exceptions.

How to apply

If you feel like you’d be a great fit as a writer for our clients, please email bloggers@wpromote.com. Include the following in your email (failure to do so will result in not being considered for the job):
• Resume
• Credentials or proper documentation stating that you have experience in the business or technical service industry
• A sample writing piece that covers a business or scientific-related topic
• Any further pertinent samples (links to published material preferred)

Posted on: 07/30